Деньги, как известно, имеют различные функции. Одной из них является непрестанное движение денег в обращении, обслуживание процесса обращения. Без выполнения деньгами этой функции торговля была бы невозможна.

Translate with ackuna

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Ackuna - Naughty Free Translator

How do you say "hello" in Spanish? Or in Italian? In French? Chinese? Turkish?

Chances are you know the answer for at least one of those languages, maybe even two or three. But more than likely, one or more of those languages has got you stumped. So how can you quickly find out from a trusted, reliable source?

We'll tell you in a minute (and even let you know how to say "hello" in each of those languages), but first let's think of how you could find the answer on your own. You can probably think of a few solutions:

You could try a free translator such as Гугл or Babelfish, though their results are unreliable at best.
You could pay a professional translators in each language to tell you, but that could add up pretty quickly.
You could study the languages yourself and find out. But did you know there are roughly 6500 spoken languages in the world today? You could spend the rest of your life studying and still never learn them all.

So with all those options off the table, how do you learn how to say "hello" to anyone in the world? The answer is Ackuna.

Ackuna was created as a platform to crowd source text between different translators. Think of it as a translation machine powered entirely by humans.

Any text, no matter how short or how long, can be submitted to Ackuna for translation by people just like you. Ackuna's translators come from all over the world, giving a variety of perspectives on any text submitted to the site.

And Ackuna isn't just a one-to-one experience. People translating projects are submitting their own text, seeking translations into languages they don't know. It's a community effort, and everyone is encouraged to both give and take. If you got something translated, give back; help translate text for someone else! Just as you may need Ackuna to learn another language, Ackuna needs you to work properly. It's linguistic karma. To paraphrase the painter Jackson Pollock:

It is only when I lose contact . . . that the result is a mess. Otherwise there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the [result] comes out well.

If you don't know any other languages, you can still participate by giving feedback and voting on text segments, translations, and comments; you may not be able to tell if an Afrikaans-to-English translation is correct, but you may be able to tell if the English grammar or spelling is inaccurate. The more feedback anyone has on a translation, the better they can gauge its accuracy.

How? Anyone can submit a translation, or vote or comment on someone else's translation. Translator reputation and achievements, along with the community's feedback, can be used to gauge the faithfulness of each translation and choose the one that's most correct.

So back to the original question: how do you say "hello" in another language? Thanks to the translators at Ackuna, we know:

Spanish: Hola
Italian: Ciao
French: Salut
Chinese: 你好
Turkish: Selam

Just translate with ackuna.

Join Ackuna today and become a part of something big. Together, we can translate all the world's information.

Want to know more about us? Visit our Company Management page to meet the team.

Ackuna was developed by Translation Cloud LLC, a leading, Jersey City-based translation agency.

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Translate with ackuna

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